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Mig-23 BN nose correction set for Trumpeter in 1/48 scale in Detail
This multimedia set is designed to correct the utterly wrong shape and details of the Trumpeter MiG-23 BN kit in 1/48 scale. This set will greatly improve the look of your MiG-23 BN model and will do the justice to this magnificient aircraft .
Comparasment between the Cold War Studio set in the back and the Trumpeters kit.
Price: 21.00 EU
Important NOTE on shipping costs!

As of Friday the way the shipping costs were added broke and until I find a solution with the Tech Support I have added shipping charge to each product. In case the shipping cost exceeds the standard one you will be refunded. THANK YOU for your understanding.

Pre-Order a Resin Canopy Replacement for Existing Custoners with Vac Formed Canopies

The owners of the MiG-23 BN sets with vac formed canopies can get a resin canopy replacement for FREE, just paying the shipping cost of 4 EUR plus the price of 1 cent due to the PayPal functionality. If you have an order and want to combine them then no shipping charge will be added for the canopy. Please send me your receipts from PayPal.