July 10, 2019

It's been long time since the last update. It wasn't easy time for me because of some job obligations and health issues. Now everything seems OK. Here are some new products. The CWSPE32004 - MiG-29 Photo Etched Detail Parts for Trumpeter and the The CWS48023 - Su-17/22 UM3 Correct belly set in 1/48 scale for the Kitty Hawk kit are both available.

The cockpits and the seats for the MiG-29 in 1/32 scale are On Hold now as I am expecting delivery of new decals from Begemot. They are our partners now and there will be decals for the upcoming MiG-27 M/D and K versions in 1/48 scale as well. Wheel wells for the MiG-29 in 1/32 scale are in development as well as some other items for the large scale Fulcrums.

July 29, 2018

Hellow everyone! The site was moved on a new server by the provider and some problems occurred with the proper functionality of the platform. We are sorry for that. Now everything should work just fine. Write me a message if you still have any problems.

June 18, 2018

The CWS32001 - MiG-29 A Cocpit set in 1/32 scale for Revell is available again. The Cockpit for the Trumpeter kit will be in stock in about 20 days. Most of the items in the store are re-stocked. The MiG-25 BM conversion set in 1/48 scale is sent for casting and will be available soon.

May 3, 2018

The CWS32001 MiG-29 A cockpit for Revell will be re-released in a limited run. Together with it a new version for Trumpeter will be available including windscreen and canopy.